Addiction Center Marketing

Be Found: Goal of Addiction Center Marketing

Addiction center marketing isn’t difficult to understand, but it is certainly competitive.

Addiction treatment is a multibillion-dollar industry. As the market becomes more crowded, more addiction treatment centers are struggling to fill their businesses with people they can help.

The goal of your drug rehab marketing strategy should be to make it easy for people to find you on the web, and make your brand look the best it possibly can. Making your web presence the best it possibly can be goes far beyond website development.

There are a few things you can immediately do to improve how you appear when someone searches for your drug treatment center or sober-living home.

To start drug rehab marketing should have two simple goals.

1.   Web Presence: Future residents or patients should be able to easily find you, your content, and understand your value immediately. For example, when future residents Google you company, they should immediately know, see and understand your brand. For example, if you Google Clear Points Messaging LLC, you will immediately see and know it’s us.

2.   Search Engine Optimization: Future residents or patients should be able to find your business in search results when they Google and search for terms like, “sober living Dallas.” Many places we work with are ranked 50th or lower. What that means is… there are 49 search results that appear on Google before your brand comes up. In other words, people searching for “sober living Dallas” will see 49 blog articles, websites or videos from other sober-living facilities before they see yours! For example, search Recovery Marketing in Dallas. We will be one of the top results in Google.

Things You Should Do Now For Free

If you dob’t have a marketing budget and can’t afford a marketing agency or a marketing consultant, we’ve listed a few frees things you can do immediately to show up in Google. This helps mostly when someone does a Google search for your recovery center or drug and alcohol facility. Even if you have budget for a Clear Points Messaging recovery marketing plan, these are important for your web presence.

Get on Search Engines

Claim your business on Google and get it on Apple and Bing maps. All you need to do is follow the links below and follow the instructions. It’s easier if you do Google first. Google will physically mail you a code, and you will have to enter it into your online profile. Once this is done, you can automatically apply for Bing and Apple maps.

Link Your Social Media Accounts to Your Website

If your site is not connected to your social media accounts, you need to connect them. This is very simple. All you need to do is put a Facebook logo on your website and make it link to your Dutton House’s Facebook page. Do this with any other social media sites that you own. This helps your rankings in search engines and will help you set up for social media marketing later on.

Secure Your Site

You need to buy an SSL Certificate from your hosting provider. All it does is puts an “s” on the http in your website address. The address looks like this: https://yourwebsite.com. This is important because search engines like Google do not rank unsecured sites as high in search results.

Services that Cost Money

Update your Website

Some of the companies we work with have not updated their site for a couple of years. This is bad because visitors may dismiss this website as outdated. More importantly, websites that are not updated regularly are also spidered by search engines less often. This means Google is not going to continuously look at your site, which makes you less relevant to search results.

Your brand might look great. With sleek pictures and fresh logo redesign you’re brand will be rocking on the Internet. But your website needs to match your updated brand.

We highly recommend WordPress for your site. WordPress uses special code on the backend that search engines really like. This is great. You’re better prepared to work with search engines.

We suggest purchasing a theme for $60 and paying someone to redesign all the pages. You can see the before and after of Timothy O’Farrell Recovery’s website here.

SEO and Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fancy term. Here is what it means. We want to figure out what keywords a prospect types into the Google search bar to find businesses similar to yours. We write these keywords into our web pages, blog articles and videos we post to the website. When people start searching for these keywords, your articles, videos and web pages will be found.

Google wants to know if its search engine is providing relevant search results for its users. They base this on how web visitors interact with your site. Google tracks how long visitors spend on your pages and how often your links are shared. If these metrics are high, then Google thinks the story is more relevant to the keyword searched and will place your content higher in search results.

This is where your digital brand can really take off. This is what sets brands apart and can make your brand go way up in search results.

But how do you get people to stay on your site longer?

Get an Active Blog

You give web site visitors and search engines what they want, content that they can read, consume and that will help them.

If you have stories or articles that entertain or help your website visitors, then they will stay on your page longer, look at multiple pages on your site and share the page.

Here are some articles and stories we created for clients.

Here are four blog examples and one landing page:

When you post stories like these on social media – and use best SEO practices – two things happen. People see your mission and interact with you on social media. Search Engines will take note of the activity and rank you higher in search results.


You can easily do things to show up when people search for you. Those are free and all of it is listed above.

These days however, simply having a website is not enough. You’re missing a big opportunity to get more clients by not keeping your website fresh with new content. We strongly suggest you refresh your website’s look and feel and start a blog that produces great content.

If you are new to addiction treatment marketing, you might find the below book helpful. It covers much of what this blog post covers but it also covers rehab seo for the addiction treatment industry.

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