Clarify Ideas and make your ideas real. If you can't communicate it, how will others understand it?

Clarify Ideas: Make Your Idea Real

Here’s what usually happens when you try to express your ideas.

You have an idea you’re in love with. It’s a product, or something that will improve performance at work, an idea that will change things for the better. It might be something to do with your passion. Or it’s a new business idea.

It doesn’t matter.

You know it will work and you know this fact more than anything.

You may have been obsessing about an idea for a long time, or the thought suddenly appeared during your early commute to work or in the middle of a long run.

When you think of this idea it makes you feel alive. You feel vigor in your veins.

And you know what I’m talking about here… we all have had these ideas that gave us meaning and purpose.

But what usually happens?

If you work a 9-5… by the time you sit at your desk… you have so much email there is no way to even think about it.

Or you have so many things to juggle—taking care of the kids, doing what the boss says, going to the grocery store, doing the laundry—there is no way to give this idea any time.

You’ll never work on this idea that makes you feel most alive… this thing that excites you.

You eventually reject the idea as “crazy” or “not worth the effort.” And eventually it is lost and you are back to the dullness we all have grown accustomed to in life.

How do you better organize your thoughts before communicating?

Getting clarity of an idea is the way to breath life into your idea as quickly as possible.

Below you will find a form. After you fill it out we will email our Clear Points Worksheet.

If you don’t know, we created a “formula” that finds clarity quickly. It’s made of specific questions and a series of brainstorms that quickly finds the value you bring to your audience. The worksheet is one of the most powerful things we’ve created.

It is simple yet works every time.

So, the next time you get this idea—or if you are fortunate enough to still have it rolling around in your head—download and print this sheet and fill it out immediately.

Ideas do not exist if we have no words to describe them. It’s just a jumbled morass of nonsense.

But I promise, if you fill this sheet out with your idea, you’re idea will become real. It will become alive. You will be the one who gives birth to this new thing that has never been thought before.

So before you forget… download it, print it and find clarity fast.

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