Get a Clear, Concise Message Quickly

The goal of the Quick Message session is to transform your jumbled thoughts into useful, influential and concise points.

By the end of session you’ll have key messages you need to prepare and deliver your speech, communication plan or pitch.

Customers use the Quick Message Plan when they are in a bind and need points to share quickly, or to prepare for an upcoming speech, announcement or presentation.

5 Simple Steps to a Quick Message Session

1. We spend 30 minutes discussing the goals of your communication. We make sure you truly have clarity on your topic, who you’re speaking to and what you want your audience to do.

2. We then brainstorm on why your topic and recommendation to your audience is unique and beneficial.

3. We’re building a thesis. Throughout the brainstorm we are identifying and refining the main message. Once we have created a rough outline of your message, we go through an editing process and make sure it’s in your words and you agree to all the points.

4. We then create a document that guides you through your communication.

5. We provide a game plan, recommendations and tips to execute the communication plan we just developed.

Jimmy Marlin Epperson

Jimmy Marlin hangs out where messaging, influence and strategic communications meet in order to create change. He likes to spend that time with managers and technical experts who need help explaining their insights, research or suggestion to less data fluent audiences.

He approaches influencing others and sharing ideas in a specific way. He doesn’t believe in being overly political, groveling in front of other people or brown-nosing to get ideas accepted by others.

If you are someone who will try to convince someone of your idea with all means necessary, you are not going to be a good fit. Jimmy helps technical pros and managers who want to influence others in an authentic, genuine way without radical pretense or a dog and pony show.

When Jimmy built Clear Points Message, he saw that many people don’t have a structured or disciplined was to think about what they are going to say. Jimmy developed a way to build trust and empathy so you can explain your idea in a way where others will hear you and take action, whether you’re working with an internal team or talking to a prospect.

Jimmy starts everything with a simple framework to guide your communication and influence plans.


Quick Message Session Case Studies

Clear Points Reverses AT&T Manager’s Performance Review

Summary: An AT&T Manager who hit all of her key metrics for the year was being targeted in a political fight. She came to me to ask if she could have a communication plan to battle the politics in the office.

Data Science Team Clarity Leads to $250K Contract

Summary: A group of corporate executives at an admired communications company came to Clear Points Messaging for messaging help and marketing materials. They wanted to start their own company.

Clear Points Helps Healthcare Software Developer Focus on Key Projects & Messages

Summary: A software developer had many projects that he wanted to work on. He worked in the healthcare software and wanted a consultants help to narrow his focus.

How It Works

To sign up, here’s how it works:

STEP 1 : Click the Buy Quick Messaging Session button, then checkout using our secure checkout page.

STEP 2 : You will get an email from Jimmy. You will get access to Jimmy’s personal calendar make plans with Jimmy to connect.

STEP 3 : At the chosen time, you and Jimmy begin working and finding clarity together.


Effective Communications Workbook

Use the workbook to build a simple message that your audience will understand and trust.
Learn how to express your ideas simply and avoid common mistakes when communicating.

Tested Method to Communicate
Use a framework we taught to AT&T employees and the Facebook analytics team. Creating simple communication will be easy and influencing others will become effortless.

Speak in a Way that Creates Trust
Learn a simple way to express your ideas so others will listen. You will learn a framework that will give you confidence in how you express your ideas.

Be a Leader by Learning to Communicate Like One
It will position you as an authority and help you set the direction for your team and business.