The Clear Points Advantage

Yes! New websites that work on mobile devices are important. So is your website’s message!

With Clear Points Messaging LLC, you get the best of both worlds. You get professional communication consultants who can distill business information into messages your audience will understand.

And we have Word Press developers who can create a visually appealing website that responds like it should on any device you use.

Before and After Clear Points Messaging Work

Old Website

The old website had its limitations. It didn’t tell a good story. It was dark. And it didn’t have a clear message for website visitors.

New Website

The new website tells a better story about helping families. It’s brighter and has a focused message the audience can understand.


Many of our customers come from other marketing companies that did the bare minimum. Our websites are designed with the highest standards, highest care and quality.
Both Worlds
You get the best of both worlds. We have the creative communicator's right-brain mentality that will give you a beautifully creative product and message. We couple that with the logical left-brain of our WordPress web developers. The result is greatness.
When your website is built with a well-organized message, you get a new website that flows smoothly. With our web designers and WordPress developers we update your site to give you a mainstream modern look and feel.
Professional Writers
We have content experts and writers who also spend time building and upgrading your website. We go beyond how your new website looks. We upgrade your entire marketing presence.
Optimized for Search
If you are not found on the Internet, do you exist on the Internet? Our marketing experts will ensure that your website pages will be found on search engines. SEO techniques are ingrained in everything we do.
Website Redesign
Already have a message and just need to update your site? We do that, too. We will redesign your site to give you a mainstream modern look and feel.