Brand Message Roadmap

About Your Company Brand Message

With the Brand Message Roadmap, you will discover where your customer’s pain points intersect with the unique advantage you offer. To better define your message we discover the following:

  • Your customers’ pain points and what they specifically need from you.
  • Clearly defined points to communicate your core offerings and how they benefit potential customers.
  • Your key message, where your business value and your customer’s wants and needs overlap.

Brand Message Package Includes

Marketing Research Report

We pinpoint your customers’ pain points. We interview you on the perceived problems that you fix for your customers, and we consult actual customers and conduct market and competitor research. 

Strategic Messaging

Strategic Messaging Document

Immediately after brainstorming with you on your unique value, we will give you a messaging document that will help you improve how you express your value proposition. We will also brainstorm on the best stories about your business to tell.

Message Implementation Action Plan

Once we have collected all the data and facts about you and your customers, we analyze the marketing you are already doing and suggest where you can make improvements. We give you specific details on where to apply your new message. 

Rewriting, Creating Your Content

Many of our customers want us to implement the brand changes into their website or in their marketing campaigns immediately. We can build landing pages, content like blog articles and even give your website a makeover. See our content marketing page for more details. 

Steps in Our Roadmap

1. Detect

A critical step in any communication is understanding your customers’ pain points. This is done with customer interviews, subject matter expert brainstorms and market research.

2. Create

With the outline of your message, we write, edit, hone and organize your thoughts into a sound, crisp and clear message.

3. Test

Based on more customer interviews, feedback and testing the message with real customers, we update the master messaging file and any marketing assets we may have already created.

4. Launch

Once the message is approved, we will hand the messages off to your marketing team, or rewrite the marketing materials for you.

Our Philosophy: Creating Your Strategic Messaging Sweet Spot

When setting your strategic marketing plans, we find out what you’re good at and what your customers want. Based on a Market Research Report from in-depth interviews and a news analysis, we will move forward with a targeted plan to get your message out. Below is our underlying marketing philosophy.

brand message roadmap. Pictured is a Venn diagram. On the left side is your business value. On the right side is your customers' pain points. In the middle where the two meet is your marketing message.

Joe Klonek
Emerging Technologies Learning and Development Leader

“Jimmy worked with me on presentation development and delivery to ensure my message resonated with my audience. All said, the initiative was recognized by our Chief Executive Officer in a town hall and one of our employees who was positively impacted through the program was featured in Fortune magazine for her development and growth.”

David Williams
Customer Experience

Jimmy uses the greatest and simplest communication tools I’ve found to develop, shape, and master a speech or presentation. I recently had the privilege of delivering a presentation for a workshop at AT&T’s largest internal national conference. With true clarity, the message was meaningful to the audience, helped them embrace the vision, and empowered them to execute and deliver.

Kathy Archer
Silver River Coaching

“Working with Jimmy gave me the clarity and direction I was looking for in my marketing language. Jimmy’s keen listening skills, his attention to detail and the way he transformed my jumbled words and thoughts was amazing. I now feel I can communicate clearly what it is that I do, but more importantly I am able to communicate the difference I make in the lives of my clients.”