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Web Presence: Getting Traffic to Your Website

Your web presence needs to hit critical mass and you need a bunch of traffic to your website, right?

In the old days, businesses would put an ad on network television and the interested people would see it and visit your store, website or call your toll free number.

Out of those people who saw the ad, some would be potential customers willing to buy your product or service.

This is not true today.

Now, we all search on Google and Bing for everything.  Think with Google —  Google’s marketing blog – states that people are finding personal advice more than ever on search engines.

People are searching for things with first person questions using “Can I” or “Do I need” or “Should I.”

The bottom line is that people are going to Google to find out about a service your small business, nonprofit or consulting firm offers. Preparing for traffic to your website is critical.

And if it is an immediate need, your prospect will probably do what you and I would do. We pick up our mobile phone and search for an immediate answer on the Internet. This is why big companies like Google and AT&T will say, “mobile first.” It’s because almost anyone with a smartphone is going to search with their mobile phone before they power on the laptop or desktop computer.

The Foundation of Marketing

In this new marketing era, how do we get attention?

One of the easiest ways to use the search-driven world is to get a Google Ad and run it based on a keyword for your business. Public relations is still a viable option, too.

However, even if you are going to do an expensive Google Ads campaign with keywords and remarket to your website visitors, you still need to have the foundation of your web presence squared away. If you are on the news tonight, but don’t have the right web presence, you’ll be wasting your time and dollars.

At Clear Points Messaging LLC, we have a simple mix of marketing that can push your business forward in the online world. Our goal is to improve the messages you send to your customers so you can get more bang out of your marketing dollar and gain more traction in your marketing channels.

We build your foundation in web presence by focusing on four aspects of marketing:

  • Your Brand Message
  • Your Content
  • Your Keywords
  • Your Website

Your Brand Message

Step No. 1 is making sure you have a crystal-clear message about what you do. And you can’t do that until you know the pain points your customers’ face and how your unique value solves those customer pains.

Your brand message – or what we like to call key messages – is critical. It’s more than just addressing your customers’ pain. With a brand message you can address how you solve problems every time you come in contact with a potential customer.

Your Content

Content marketing is using video, blog posts, infographics to answer questions and share interesting topics about your industry or business. With the right mix of content, companies can increase their online reputation and help compliment the marketing they are already doing.

Your goal is to be searchable on Google with a set of keywords. When people are looking for a company like yours online and they search, what are they going to find? Will they find you?

This blog article is a piece of our content marketing strategy.

Your Keywords

When customers search for the services you offer, they use “keywords.” Keywords are words you enter into Google to find a product or service. You need the right set of keywords so people can find your content.

Once people find you online with keywords, you better have something that is interesting and useful for your readers.

It’s not enough to just get people interested. You need to build trust and show prospects how you are experts… and quickly.

Your website

Website pages – or landing pages that are designed to influence your prospects at the very least to give you their information – are critical to close the marketing loop.

But as discussed in the introduction, if our sites do not look good on a smartphone, then we might as well pack up and go home.

In conclusion, the greatest ad campaigns can be stifled if you don’t have a landing page to share your credibility and expertise.

If you have the right keywords, but you don’t have content that helps your customer, or you are not searchable, whose content are they going to find?

And if you don’t have a true brand message that helps guide you and your customers, how is anyone going to know what you focus on, including you?

If you want to market online, it all starts with having the right foundation for your web presence. By focusing on these four aspects, you will have a strong web presence and be able to get more traffic to your website.

About Clear Points Messaging LLC

Clear Points Messaging LLC serves small business in the Dallas, Texas area. Our goal is to upgrade the marketing you are already doing and using. We do this by making clear messages about your business so your audience will immediately understand what you offer them. We like to say we do marketing strategy and brand messaging. Our best work happens when we can help you discover what you customers’ true pain points are and clearly express how you solve them. Once we have a clear message to share, we help you implement it in the marketing you’re already doing.

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