Strategic Messaging Workshop | Clear Points Messaging LLC | Dallas

Improve Your Strategic Communications

Learn a repeatable process to always get clear messages on your topic, whether you are presenting in the board room or to your boss.

We work on your message while you learn the fundamentals of communication during your messaging workshop. It’s called Action Learning Engagement. You learn by doing and creating.

Professionally develop your team by learning the Clear Points Messaging method. We work on a communication project together, while teaching you basics of communication and our method to find clarity.

By the end of the live course, you will have a message to share and learn a new process to create messages.

You will learn:

  • A method that quickly gives you concise points.
  • A disciplined way to approach messages.
  • Fundamentals of communication.
  • A simple method to create a communication strategy.
  • How to quickly generate story ideas and content.

Strategic Messaging Workshop Training

If you have a good idea but cannot clearly express it, does it exist? We don’t think so.

We train you so you can immediately apply the communication principles you learn to real projects in your office.

Applying Fundamentals

While you learn the fundamentals of communication, you are applying it to your project. We learn by doing. At the end of this section of training, you will have a clear, concise message for your project.

Infusing Influence Principles

Once you have a clear, concise message, we begin applying persuasion techniques to your message. The goal is to make your message as influential as possible.

Communication Practice

Once our clear, influential message is crystalized, we begin strategizing and practicing the best way to deliver the message. Depending on your business needs we might video record you or practice your pitch.

The Philosophy Behind Clear Points Messaging LLC

At the most basic level, you need one message and one message only when communicating to a specific audience. When selling a product, stating a position or running a company, you are giving your audience an argument. It’s similar to the thesis papers we wrote in high school and college.

Everything you say or write or communicate is designed to point back to the thesis statement. We call it home base or your main message.

What’s the most important statement your audience needs to know to spur them to action?

When you want to ethically influence someone, you need to have one clear message that quickly resonates with him or her.

It creates interest, curiosity and a desire to want to learn more. It’s that simple. But finding this level of clarity is not as simple.

In order to find this in a disciplined and structured way with my clients, we ask questions in a specific order. We developed this process while working in corporate America.

Here are the first three questions:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What is my topic?
  • What do I want my audience to do?

Afterwards, you brainstorm on the answers. It’s a simple concept, but difficult to pull off.

We have a full worksheet with the questions we ask our clients. We’ve asked people all over the world these questions, from Fortune 12 executives to artists in Germany and Austin, Texas. The end result is clarity of a main message.