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What Happens When You Lack Communication Skills?

1. No Direction, No Confidence

We get stuck because we cannot articulate where we want to go, how we want to influence others or how to express our ideas. 

2. It’s Not All About Persuasion

Research tells us that when someone is about to be persuaded, they are almost always automatically on the defensive. If they sense that you are about to persuade them, they will most likely try to overt the attempt to be persuaded. 

3. No One Likes Uncertainty

When someone feels uncertain, they use the same part of the brain that singles there is an mistake. Expressing ideas can cause uncertainty. Uncertainty is one of the most detrimental things you can do in any situation. 


Communication Skills Training | Online & in Dallas, Texas

The Solution...

A Holistic Approach to Your Communication Development

We take you, the whole person and your environment, to assess and develop your communication skills.

We look at: 

  • The foundation of sharing ideas
  • Listening skills and empathy 
  • Your emotional intelligence
  • Principles of influence you are using
  • Your values and goals and how you pursue excellence

All these play into how you communicate, treat others, and ultimately achieve success. 


The Why...

Be a Better Human, Not Just a Better Communicator

When you develop better communication skills, you become a better person.

Ethical and influential communication skills promote empathy, sympathy, diversity, inclusion, stronger relationships and faster personal growth.

Communication is an avenue to developing better character, better traits and better values. 

We at Clear Points strive to be better people by learning a better way to communicate and ultimately treat others.

Are we perfect? Absolutely not. 

However, by learning certain attitudes and elements of communication, we can grow.


Interpersonal Skills at Work

Remain Confident in Yourself

Communicating is scary, especially when you don’t know if you have a good message or strong relationships. We take an evidence-based approach to communication skills training, using research, experience and logic to make ethical, persuasive messages, communication  plans and stronger relationships.

If you want to learn to communicate effectively, push the bottom below. 


Transform Your Jumbled Thoughts into Concise Points

It’s highly recommended that you get started here, with this three-minute exercise. 

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