Be Understood with Influential Communication Skills

Be listened to and positively persuade so others will adopt your ideas.

Remove Fear by Making it Clear

When you speak so others can understand you, your chances of influencing someone else increases dramatically. This is the foundation of influential communication skills.

Today, social psychologists and marketing gurus will tell you the secrets of human behavior to get others to say yes. But in a business setting, there is a step you must take before you can use any principle or tactic to persuade another person.

It’s the ability to explain things clearly.

People are scared of things they cannot understand. They feel skeptical of what they can’t grasp and sometimes they will even think the unclear is dangerous.

Explaining your ideas or suggestion clearly is more influential than anything else.  Without it, all principles and influence tactics will fail.

At Clear Points Messaging, we have tools and training that give you the ability to speak clearly, write clearly and persuade others.

We Teach Influential Communication Skills

Find the Right Path that Will Help You Develop Influential Communication Skills

Get a Clear, Concise Message Quickly

Have a PowerPoint​ presentation due now? You don’t have time, or you don’t have a clue what points you need to get across to your audience to best influence them. We will quickly brainstorm together and get you clear points and a brief outline to get you started on a presentation, an important email or speech.

Get a Strategic Influence Plan

Get people to say yes to your ideas. Build an effective communication plan so you can get more people to say yes to your ideas. Learn to clearly express your ideas so your audience will understand and listen. Apply principles of persuasion to your messages. Discover who your target audience is and the best way to get a message to them.

Clarify Who You Are and Your Purpose

Have you hit a brick wall? Are you stuck? Discover who you are and your purpose in life and at work. We develop your personalized and authentic purpose statement that will guide how you work, give you more meaning in your work and help you stay focused on something bigger than the day-to-day grind.

About Jimmy Marlin Epperson

Jimmy Marlin has worked in communications for the last 20 years.

It all started when he was literally licking envelopes as an intern at the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Jimmy met the press secretary for the President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma State Senate. Jimmy asked Press Secretary Paul Sund how to create messages and communications for others.

“Learn to write well and tell good stories,” Sund said.

This conversation launched Jimmy on a career where he became obsessed with saying things clearly. He worked with some of the greatest minds in communication. He has worked in high-stakes communication war rooms for KKR and TPG, media trained politicians.

He founded Clear Points Messaging in 2014 and most recently trained the top data scientists and engineers in the world at Facebook how to use influential communication skills at work.

Jimmy Marlin has been teaching influential communication skills at Facebook.

Create Change with Clear Points

Influential Communication Skills at Work

Harness Clarity. Use Persuasion. Influence Others.

If business partners would just use your ideas and insights you’ve worked on, you’d be able to push the business forward.

If you cannot clearly communicate your ideas, people will not understand you. It’s proven that when your listener doesn’t understand you, that person won’t act or support your position.

We help you clearly and strategically communicate your insight or idea so people will understand you and take action.

Build Trust with Others

Unclear communications has been proven to cause distrust. When people express ideas unclearly, the listener automatically looks at that idea as unsound and in some cases harmful. Clear communications builds trust.

Get Ideas Accepted

By focusing on clear communications and by creating environments where your message will be better received and more people will accept your ideas.

Remain Confident in Yourself

Communicating is scary, especially when you don’t know if you have a good message. We give you the confidence that you have the very best message possible at the moment of expressing your ideas.

Become a Better Communicator Quiz

Take our 3-question quiz to find out your communication skills and traits and what you can do to take your communication and influence skills to the next level.

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