We help people just like you transform jumbled thoughts into concise points on paper with communication skills training. 

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Communication Skills Training | Online & in Dallas, Texas

Let's get this out of the way...

Super Short Summary & Testimonial

I started by developing communication skills training for veterans at a nonprofit in Farmers Branch, Texas and worked my way to Facebook in Palo Alto. It took hard work, dedication and luck.

I now enjoy teaching this curriculum to people who know they need it.

Your starting point, if you choose to take it, is a three-minute, interactive exercise. You will start learning the fundamentals of communication and building a message immediately.

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Here's What Happens When You're Unclear...

People are scared of things they cannot understand. They feel skeptical of what they can’t grasp and sometimes they will even think the unclear is dangerous. That means if you communicate unclearly, you are creating anxiety for others. When you speak so others can understand you, your chances of influencing someone else increases dramatically. This is the foundation of influential communication skills.


Here's What Happens When You Persuade...

Research tells us that when someone is about to be persuaded by someone else, they are almost always automatically on the defensive. If they sense that you are about to try to persuade them, depending on how it is presented, they will have fear that whatever you are talking about will be dangerous. 

When this happens they will do everything they can to avoid you and your message all together, even if it is clear. How you present your persuasion has as much to do with persuading as a clear message. 


Here's What Happens to You...

Remain Confident in Yourself

Communicating is scary, especially when you don’t know if you have a good message or how others will react. We take an evidence-based approach to communication skills training, using research, experience and logos to make ethical, persuasive messages and action plans. 

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Transform Your Jumbled Thoughts into Concise Points

It’s highly recommended that you get started here, with this three-minute exercise. 

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