Effective Employee Communication Training
Express Ideas With Influence

Learn a Simple Framework to get your ideas accepted
by your business partners and team members

Improve Employee Communication Skills with a Simple Framework

We work on your message while you learn the fundamentals of communication during your messaging workshop. It’s called Action Learning Engagement. You learn by doing and creating.

Professionally develop your team by learning the Clear Points Messaging method. We work on a communication project together, while teaching you basics of communication and our method to find clarity.

By the end of the live course, you will have a message to share and learn a new process to create messages.

Technical Employee Communication Training

If you have a good idea but cannot clearly express it, does it exist? We don’t think so.

We train you so you can immediately apply the communication principles you learn to real projects in your office.

Applying Fundamentals

Employee Communications Skill TrainingWhile you learn the fundamentals of communication, you are applying it to your project. We learn by doing. At the end of this section of training, you will have a clear, concise message for your project.

Infusing Influence Principles

Effective Communication Skills Training: Infusing InfluenceOnce you have a clear, concise message, we begin applying persuasion techniques to your message. The goal is to make your message as influential as possible.

Communication Practice

Communication Skills Training: Communication practiceOnce our clear, influential message is crystalized, we begin strategizing and practicing the best way to deliver the message. Depending on your business needs we might video record you or practice your pitch.

Why are Communication Skills So Important?

Unclear messages actually cause distrust.

If it takes a lot of work for someone to understand your message, they immediately are skeptical. And, based on research, they will automatically think what you are saying is not based on reason, it is untrue, unreliable… and even dangerous.

When you communicate unclearly, your listener will automatically pay more attention to the threat of uncertainty than trying to uncover the true benefit you are offering them.

With employee communication training, you will ensure your teams communicates persuasively and in a trustworthy way.

Get More Work Done

Work on a real problem at work that you’re trying to get others to accept. At the end of the workshop, you will have an Influence Plan to get your project or idea accepted.

Use a framework we taught to AT&T employees and the Facebook analytics team. Creating simple communication will be easy and influencing others will become effortless.

Learn a simple way to express your ideas so others will listen. You will learn a framework that will give you confidence in how you express your ideas.

It will position you as an authority and help you set the direction for your team and business.

Effective Communication Skills Course Outline

Clear Points Messaging training is for data scientists, data engineers and technical professionals, managers and business owners. The training gives participants the courage to express their insights and recommendations to other internal teams. The training helps data scientists and data engineers translate their insights so key stakeholders can understand and take action based on specific, and thought-out recommendations.

The goal of this training is to clearly and influential articulate insights, projects and recommendations a data scientist or business professional would make based on their experiments, knowledge and expertise.

It gives professionals the ability to clearly communicate and implement a simple influential strategy to impact their team, key stakeholders and the business.

When you leave our workshop, you have a plan you can begin implementing immediately.

We call it an Influence Plan, which gives you a strategic plan to communicate your messages and build an environment that will more likely influence your audience. You can start implementing your plan immediately.

During the workshop, we will go through quick lessons, exercises and brainstorms to fill this sheet out. This is not a class lecture.

This is an interactive workshop where you will work on a real project.


Effective Employee Communication Training Course Objectives:

  • Learn and execute a message development framework to simplify your message to your audience. Understand and apply the fundamentals of basic communications and how these principles apply to influencing others.
  • Learn how to apply influence principles before and when delivering a message. Learn the most influential way to deliver your message to others.
  • Confidently communicate how your recommendations, insights and ideas will improve a product and impact the business.
  • Improve a product manager’s, boss’s or cross functional team member’s understanding of how your recommendation impacts decisions, products and the business.

Communication Skills Course Outline:

Each workshop participant will work with another individual or team. Together they will complete each lesson and present their results out to the overall audience.

Pre-Work Requirements: Brainstorm who you want to influence and what you want them to do.

  • Communication Basics – How to make a message
    1. Basics of crafting a message: Topic, Audience, Audience Action
    2. Audience Framing, WIIFMs
    3. Clarify, Clarify, Clarify
    4. Message Development and Message Review
  • Communication Delivery
    1. Create a communication plan
    2. Brainstorm with Delivery and Planning Exercises
    3. Report out plan ands strategy to influence key stakeholders to group
  • Influence Strategy
    1. Review Persuasion Tactics
    2. Brainstorm principles you will deploy
    3. Fill out Influence Worksheet


Section One

Fundamentals of Communication

and Message Development


1.5 hours

Section Two

Delivering Your Message


1 Hour

Section Three

Practicing your Message

and Reviewing Your Influence Plan


1 Hour

Section Four
Using Tried andTrue Influence Principles

1 Hour 

About Your Instructor

Jimmy Marlin most recently created training for Facebook’s technical professionals. He created a simple way to create an Influence Plan, which is a plan to communicate and help others understand your project or idea. At the end of the class participants have a clear way to express their idea and a plan to deliver that message in a persuasive way. Jimmy Marlin has been working on this simple framework for the last six years.

How Do I Take the Workshop?

Because of COVID19, everything is virtual. Contact us to learn about our virtual rates. We are developing an online version of this class. It is Virtual Instructor Led Training. It is live and helps you develop an Influence Plan.

About Simple Frameworks

Simple Frameworks is a product by Clear Points Messaging LLC. We are a communication strategy company that works with technical professionals and business owners. We help people like data scientists and engineers fill the communication gap between them and their business partners. We teach them communication best practices and show them how to build Influence Plans so they can get their projects accepted by their team members.

Call us or contact us below to learn more.

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