Strategic Communication Consulting | Dallas Texas

Speak Confidently. Get What You Want.

Do you or your team need a method to create effective communication streams? Are ideas being lost in translation, or not even put out on the table? If you agree that your successes will come as soon as you’re able to voice what you need, then join a plethora of other businesses who’ve already started working with our strategic communication consulting team to learn how.

One-on-One Training

Some need to perfect a presentation speech. Others, the ability to voice their opinions at the office because of unfair working environments, the need for a raise, or speaking to upper-level management. Whatever the reason, we’ll help you overcome the fear, address your key points, and help build upon them cohesively and effectively so others understand you the first time.

Team Training

We’ve led teams from AT&T and Facebook through our strategic communications consulting so they can work more efficiently together. By working on a project together, we help you through kinesthetic learning how to collaborate, and guide you through the steps on how you can take your training past your project or presentation.

Virtual Training

Not in the Dallas area? No worries. We’re here for you wherever you are. We offer virtual training monthly, so you can begin learning how to be a more efficient communicator wherever you may be. We offer our workshops on Zoom or Bluejeans, with classes no more than six in your first workshop. You’ll feel the comfort you need to break out of your shell, with monthly work so your learning can be continuous and flexible.

How We Work

Step 1: Brainstorm Session

Whether you’re an individual looking for one-on-one classes, or a manager looking to guide your team towards more confident collaboration, give us a call for a brainstorming session so we can figure out what service will best suit what you’re looking for. We have a ton of options for you to choose from, including Business Presentation Coaching, Communication Skills Workshop, Effective Employee Communication Training, Brand Messaging Roadmapping, and a Strategic Messaging Plan.

Step 2: Accompany Your Learning with Our Workbook

Grab our Clear Points Messaging Workbook to follow along on the principles that you’re using. Part of our full training program, our workbook is a holistic approach that you can refer back to again and again to remind yourself of the most important aspects of effective communication in the workplace and beyond.

Step 3: Practice and Apply Your Principles

Do you know what makes us happier than offering you our services? Seeing you thrive. Take notes, practice, and implement the strategies that we’ve provided for you. Make sure to keep in communication with us during the process so we can be with you every step of the way and cheer you on during your successes! We know that you’ll do great.

How We’ve Helped

We conduct an ongoing communications class for six hundred data scientists and engineers at Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp on how to have more influence around their products and how to have confidence in their communication. Through our help, we developed a fully-functioning Influence Workshop that is still being put in practice today, teaching participants the basics of sound communication and message-building framework.

We helped Timothy O’Farrell Recovery, a foundation located in North Texas that provides scholarships to recovering addicts and alcoholics, create a new brand message through our Guided Brainstorm. Through our help, they used their new company message for their fundraising project, which helped their team better realize and explain their company’s message to interested donors and supporters.

We helped Hingepoint, a software consulting company specializing in real estate and construction, create more compelling content and copy for their audience. We helped them build their blog and organic traffic, helping create more than $2 million in sales.

We helped a healthcare software developer focus on his strengths to frame his business around. In a 3.5-hour brainstorm session, we were able to create his message, and through that, an elevator speech and the foundations of a presentation, gaining traction on his newfound specialty.

We helped a group of executives at an admired communications company pin-point and specify their company message, developing talking points and a marketing flyer that was accessible to their audience, who needed their services, but wasn’t necessarily able to understand what they were offering previously. Their data science team landed a contract for $300k and was able to get funding to build the prototype of their data service for retail stores.

We helped a manager at AT&T with a highly negative performance review by developing a strong message and developing a strategy communicating it with integrity and clarity. We role-played, acting as the employer so she could practice her rebuttal skills. Through this, she was able to get her performance review completely reversed, an extremely rare feat in corporations.

Communicate with Confidence. Change Your Life.

Ready to start getting what you want and what you deserve? Get people to start listening and start communicating back with clarity. Call or email us today to begin your journey to bring you closer to speaking your truth.