Metaphors in Communication: The Risks and Rewards

Two people on a bridge facing each other, placing a middle, missing piece down to complete the bridge.

Metaphors are bridges that connect complex ideas with the familiar, making abstract concepts accessible. Metaphors can enrich strategic messaging, but without enough thought, they can also have unintended interpretations. This blog covers three topics: A warning about metaphors through an example. Simple directions on ow to create a good metaphor. Some examples of metaphors. Introduction: Communicators Love … Read more

The Essential List of Communication Skills for the Workplace

The importance of good communication was put in a nutshell by self-improvement pioneer Paul J Meyer when he said ” Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” This is true in all walks of life but particularly in the workplace. Environments where people not only feel understood but also seek to understand … Read more

5 Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness in the Workplace

5 Benefits of Mindfulness at Work

If you think of mindfulness as an esoteric philosophy with no relevance in the real world, you might want to rethink your approach. Mindfulness is about much more than striking yoga poses and nurturing inner children. Even many people who would not be caught dead in a spa or yoga retreat are using mindfulness and … Read more

Emotional Intelligence: The Reasons Why You Should Know Your Emotional Quotient

emotional intelligence in leadership

In the early 1900s, French psychologist Alfred Binet developed an IQ test to measure children’s mental abilities. With his colleague, Theodore Simon, the two set up questions that assessed a child’s ability to remember facts and solve problems.  In recent years, a new form of assessing intelligence has become increasingly popular. It helps to identify … Read more

Once Upon a Time: The Importance of Storytelling in Business

Storytelling in business

I wish I knew how to make a clear message in college. When I was a student, I started the College Democrats. I invited every young moderate in Oklahoma to a lobbyist’s house for a political party. College kids from across the state showed up. Hundreds actually. A US Senator was there. Gubernatorial candidates. Big-time … Read more

How Listening Skills and Leadership Work Together

Leadership communication: Listening skills and leadership

People spend up to 80% of their days communicating, and over 50% of that time is dedicated to listening. However, the average listener only remembers around 25% of what was said. If you’re in a leadership role, one way to be effective is by being a good listener. Being a good listener is far from passive. Effective listening skills … Read more

Benefits of an Executive Coach Dallas

executive coach in Dallas
More than 70% of people who receive coaching said they benefited from enhanced work performance. The same study revealed that 86% of companies that invested in coaching felt they recouped the costs. Many of them also earned more because of their coaching investment. From tweaking the way you think to increase your performance, there are many ... Read more

7 Reasons Why Communication is Difficult

why is communication so difficult?

The bottom line is that effective communication is difficult. It just is, even for naturally good communicators. If you look at the challenges modern humans face compared to our hominid ancestors, it’s just complicated. Plain and simple. Here’s why: The subjects modern humans talk about are extraordinarily complicated and unnatural. We respond to things that … Read more

Stage Fright? Improve Stage Presence in Public Speaking

A microphone in front of a blurry crowd, how stage presence is needed for public speeches
Why stage presence in public speaking so important? It might be because 25% of people are terrified of public speaking. Also known as glossophobia, public speaking fears can be detrimental to one's professional and personal life. Even minor public speaking fears affect most of the population, with 75% of people being at least slightly nervous at the thought of speaking to ... Read more

How Strategic Communication is Key to Influence

Strategic Communication Creates Foundation of Influence

When you want to influence others and get projects approve, strategic communication is key. Strategic communication isn’t as hard as you think to achieve and learn. Are you looking for ways to improve your workplace communication to have a more significant influence on others? Do you want colleagues and co-workers to listen and respond to … Read more