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3 Roadblocks that Can Stop You From Getting Your Ideas Accepted

Communicate so others will hear you and take action based on what you say

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1. Why our projects and ideas can get derailed when speaking as a technical expert or manager.

2. Three roadblocks to persuading someone to take action on your project or idea.

3. The Simple Framework we taught 600 data scientists and engineers who work at Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus and how it gave them confidence to present their expertise.

The majority of the time when I have Jimmy’s consultation I’m walking out of meeting’s ready to proceed on the first few action items to continue my programs and projects.

— Joseph Klonek, Learning and Development for Facebook Analytics

When You Share Ideas,
They Will Listen to You

Apply a simple communication framework used by some of the top data scientists and engineers in the nation.

Use a framework we taught to AT&T employees and the Facebook analytics team. Creating simple communication will be easy and influencing others will become effortless.

Learn a simple way to express your ideas so others will listen. You will learn a framework that will give you confidence in how you express your ideas.

It will position you as an authority and help you set the direction for your team and business.