Our Regular Workshops are Now Virtual

Learn to build messages that create trust with others. When you present your ideas, do so in a  way that will influence others to act. Learn with an engaging curriculum that mixes theory with practical experience. By the end of the class have a message you can share immediately.

We work on your message while you learn the fundamentals of communication during your messaging workshop. It’s called Action Learning Engagement. You learn by doing and creating.

Our workshops are designed to improve your interpersonal skills so you can communicate clearly and influence business partners. Our goal is to give technical professionals the tools and confidence to build trust so they can get their projects and ideas approved.

Clear Points Messaging launched our Messaging Framework at Facebook’s analytics department. Facebook data scientists and engineers rated the workshop higher than any other training they had in 2019.

In This Training You Will:

  • Learn a repeatable process to build messages that create trust
  • Learn the fundamentals of influential communication
  • Learn a repeatable process that will help you quickly create messages for your audience
  • Leave the workshop with a message and a new skill to create messages

Outline of the Course

Fundamentals of Crafting a Message:

  •  Topic
  • Audience
  • Audience Action


  • Uniqueness
  • Audience Empathy

Message Development

  • Creating Your Message
  • Proving in with Persuasive Points
  • Clarifying Stage

Message Review

  • Review your message with the instructor and your team member

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If you have any questions, please email us at contactus@clearpointsmessaging, or call us at, (972) 544-1183.

Dec. 4 — Building a Message Workshop
(9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m Central)
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Dec. 11 — Building a Message Workshop
(9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m Central)
Use Promo Code: blackfriday


Mini Communication Coaching Sprint
5 Sessions

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