Tired of Talk with No Action? Join a Messaging Workshop

Build Your Influence and Messaging Plan. Drive Real Change for Career Advancement

Build Your Battle Plan

Unlock Strategic Communication to Align Stakeholders, Gain Resources, and Execute With Impact

Dive into a hands-on, live virtual workshop designed to amplify your ability to influence through communication.

Craft an Influence Plan
Tackle a real-world project during our workshop, applying what you learn in real-time to see immediate impact.

Our Step-by-Step Communication Formula:
Equip yourself with a formula that empowers you to speak and influence with authority and authenticity.

Apply Time-Tested Principles:
Integrate influential principles and tactics into your strategy, enhancing your ability to lead and inspire.

“Is This Workshop For Me?” 

Our program is designed to meet you at your communication crossroads, offering the transformation you seek. You might be a good candidate if you struggle with these communication problems: 

  • Ideas Overlooked: You frequently find your ideas overlooked or misunderstood in meetings or team collaborations despite knowing they have merit.
  • Daunting Presentations: Presenting your thoughts clearly and persuasively feels daunting, whether in a one-on-one setting, a small group, or a large audience.
  • Expert, But Never Heard:You’re an expert in your field but struggle to articulate your insights in a way that engages and influences others, limiting your impact and career progression.
  • Communication Clarifications: Emails and written communication often result in back-and-forth clarifications, consuming more time than you can afford and leading to frustration.
  • Leadership Communication: You’re stepping into a leadership role and recognize that effective communication is key to motivating your team, driving change, and achieving goals.
  • Influence for Goals: You have ambitious goals but realize that influencing others is a stumbling block in your path to achieving them, whether securing buy-in, advocating for change, or leading initiatives.
  • Committed to Growth: You’re committed to personal and professional development and understand that mastering communication is foundational to success in virtually every aspect of life.

What You’ll Experience

Interactive, Live Virtual Learning:
Engage in a dynamic virtual workshop that brings effective communication skills to your fingertips. Virtual training is 2.5 hours Mondays and Saturdays. 

Collaborative Project Work:
Learn by doing as we tackle a project together, illustrating the power of strategic communication in action.

Trust-Building Framework:
Discover our unique framework that naturally cultivates trust in your communication, opening doors to deeper connections and influence.

This Workshop Transformed Facebook Teams… Now It’s Your Turn.
This workshop has empowered professionals at Facebook, AT&T, and entrepreneurs. Seize the opportunity to access the same elite training that has shaped some of the brightest minds in corporate America.

Outcomes From Training

By the course’s conclusion, you’ll possess a compelling message for your audience and embrace a transformative approach to creating impactful messages.

  • Gain instant insight into how your audience hears your message so you avoid costly miscommunications
  • Master a persuasive tool kit that turns vague ideas into actionable agendas others enthusiastically support
  • Learn the psychological triggers that build trust, removing hurdles that stall even your best initiatives
  • Structure presentations or proposals that command attention from start to finish

Workshop Highlights:

  • Quick, Concise Messaging: Acquire a method for rapidly crafting messages that cut to the core of your intent.
  • Strategic Communication: Gain a simple yet powerful method for developing a comprehensive communication strategy.
  • Interactive Learning Environment: Join us on Google Meet for an intimate workshop experience.

The influence plan can be one-on-one or limited to six participants to maximize learning and interaction. Benefit from both expert instruction and peer insights.

Messaging Workshop Schedule

We have two workshops per week. The workshops are designed to help working professionals when they are traditionally off work in the United States.

  • 6:30 p.m. Mondays, except major holidays in the United States. 
  • 11 a.m. Saturdays. 
  • You also receive a 45-minute session that is one-to-one with your communication coach. 

Ready to Elevate Your Communication Skills?

Total Investment: $525

Prepare to engage deeply, possibly facing frustration as we navigate complexity to achieve clarity. This process is challenging but immensely rewarding, leading to significant breakthroughs in how you communicate.

Workshop Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your career and enhance your influence. Join our Communication Skills Workshop and start your journey toward clearer, more persuasive communication today.