Our Approach

We want to improve how you communicate with your customers. Often, we have the right marketing channels, we are networking, and we are working hours upon hours, yet we don’t know the best way to express how we solve our customers’ problems.

Our big idea is to start with an intimate understanding of your customers’ problem and clearly defining your unique value. Where do those two intersect? In other words, how do we best say what you do for your customers and how do they know it will fix a problem they have?

After we have a clear concise message, we look at the marketing you are already doing and see where we can improve. Often, it is updating language on a website or it’s simply editing a letter or email to your prospects. 

Sometimes it’s bigger. Sometimes we need to transform your brand. But we leave it up to you and the needs of your business.

What We Value

Port Aransas, Texas


Paul Cézanne — the father of Impressionism — was hungry. In the late 1800s he painted because he wanted to perfect how light reflected off objects. He was hungry like a wolf. We are, too. We like people who are hungry for success and who are hungry to work on their craft because that describes us. 

Being Humble

One of the easiest and hardest ways to stay humble is to listen. We don’t act like we know everything. We don’t act like we can fix every single business problem. We know our lane and we know where we can succeed. 

Being Helpful

We help one another out. We help you out. Our spirit is to help and serve so we can all become better. Being helpful and of service is a key to our business and life.


We feel like the recipe for having heart is being helpful, humble and hungry. Heart tells us a person cares. They’re going to give it their all and leave nothing on the field when the game is over. Heart is that thing that guides your passion and hunger to be better at what you do. 

More About Us

Jimmy Marlin Epperson III

Owner, Content Specialist, Writer

Epperson started his career working for newspapers across the country. He worked for the Oklahoman and a weekly paper in the Florida Keys. Epperson moved to business consulting and eventually became an internal communications consultant for AT&T. Epperson created a web app that helped him create key messages for executives at AT&T. He left AT&T and became a freelance communications specialist and writer. Eventually, he created and now owns Clear Points Messaging LLC. Epperson lives and works in Richardson, Texas.

Aaron Butcher

Web Designer and Developer

Butcher served in the United States Air Force for six years. Afterward, Butcher taught himself WordPress, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and SQL and then received formal training at Francis Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma for web development and design. Butcher worked for an app developer in Oklahoma and then Accenture in Austin. Epperson recruited Butcher to Clear Points Messaging LLC to help clients with web design and development.

Janie Marie

Inbound Sales and Office Manager

Janie Marie has a big heart. She started working as a veterinarian technician because she has a great love for dogs. Janie also has sales experience from AT&T wireless and she has owned her own hair salon. She knows what it takes to help customers and how to keep our office organized.

Become a Better Communicator

Download our Messaging Worksheet. People will not want to learn more about you if they cannot understand you. Brainstorm with structure so you can improve how you express ideas. You will transform jumbled thoughts into concise points with this worksheet.

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