Build an Influence Plan

Transform How You Speak About Your Brand or Idea

Have you ever expressed an idea that you knew would work only to find it did not gain traction? Have you ever tried to influence someone only to get a “no” for an answer? Do you have trouble expressing your ideas in a way where others will say yes?

We help technical professionals and small business owners express ideas clearly, concisely and confidently.

We have trained, consulted and coached hundreds of data scientists and data engineers at one of the leading technology companies in the United States. We have also helped big data entrepreneurs effectively communicate with their audience about new products and services.

Our sweet spot is helping you brainstorm in a different way and reframing how you should speak to your audience. We consult and coach you, so you can create a simple communication plan that influences your target audience.

We call them Influence Plans. It’s a framework that you can repeat so you can continuously create your own plans to communicate effectively and influentially.

We not only want you to influence others when it is needed, we want you to become a better communicator.

What we do differently from most communication companies is we brainstorm and teach you how to create influential messages. We work on real projects and problems in your business.

You get professional consulting while learning and implementing a repeatable process to create an influence plan. You learn a framework of disciplined thinking and tactics to persuade others.

After you have a clear concise message and a plan to influence others, you can begin looking at your overall marketing to determine if you have the right language. You can review your sales material to ensure you use the right message. You can see what tactics you can use to persuade internal audiences.

Sometimes you need to transform your brand. Other times, you just need to tweak what you’re saying and the tactics of influencing others.

More About Us

Jimmy Marlin Epperson III

Owner, Communication Strategist and Coach

Epperson started his career working for newspapers across the country. He worked for the Oklahoman and a weekly paper in the Florida Keys. Epperson moved to business consulting and eventually became an internal communications consultant for AT&T. Epperson created a web app that helped him create key messages for executives at AT&T. He left AT&T and became a freelance communications specialist and writer. Eventually, he created and now owns Clear Points Messaging LLC. Epperson lives and works in Richardson, Texas.

Janie Marie

Inbound Sales and Office Manager

Janie Marie has a big heart. She started working as a veterinarian technician because she has a great love for dogs. Janie also has sales experience from AT&T wireless and she has owned her own hair salon. She knows what it takes to help customers and how to keep our office organized.