4 Reasons Why a Brand Message is Critical to Your Business

What’s the Big Deal About a Brand Message?

A brand message can influence everything from the person answering the phone to your Google Ads. A brand message – which is similar to a mission statement – will also direct you when you don’t know what to do, it will keep everyone on the same page, and it will help you know clearly what you’re trying to accomplish and what your customers want.

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1. Clarity of Your Brand Message

Often when we communicate, we forget one of the fundamental elements of good communication, a clear call to action. We can usually get a call to action fairly quickly if we ask the right questions.

  • Your Topic: What am I trying to communicate about?
  • Your Audience: Who is my audience?
  • Your Call to Action: What do I want my audience to do?
  • Your Unique Value: Why should my audience do it?

Once these are answered, you literally have a mission. What you want your audience to do becomes your mission. With this clarity, you’re focused. With jumbled thoughts however, you’re not. Take any marketing plan as an example. If you don’t have clarity you’re all over the map. With clarity you will know exactly what to do. You may not be able to influence others to achieve your mission, and you might need to go back to the drawing board, but you will be extremely focused.

With Clear Points Messaging LLC, we get your audience’s input on your mission and your communications or marketing plans become stronger. You will be a lot closer to achieving your mission.

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processing fluency

2. Processing Fluency

Understating processing fluency is critical if you want to have clear, concise messages that resonate with your audience. Unclear communication can be detrimental if you want someone to listen.

What is processing fluency?

Processing fluency means the amount of effort or ease it takes for someone to understand your statement or information. If someone has trouble understanding what you’re talking about, then their mind is going to have to do work to process and understand the information. The more work your listener must do, the less they will trust it.

When communicating a new idea to a boss or customer, we don’t want them working to understand. We want people to understand instantly.

When people can’t understand a topic or statement, they start to think your product or topic or whatever you are talking about is not valid. When something is invalid, it’s considered erroneous. People consider your topic unsound. They don’t see the benefit your topic can offer.

But most importantly when your topic, product or subject is considered unsound, people stay away from it.

They are not going to listen to you, they’re not going to buy from you and they’re not going to trust you.

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3. Message Discipline

Does your website say the same thing as the person who answers the phone at your business? Is your sales lead consistent with what your digital marketing department is putting on Facebook or your blog?

Do all your employees, emails, brochures, articles and social media posts at least point to the same brand message? Or does your prospective customer get different messages on your offerings from different people at your business?

Defining and clarifying your brand messages gives you the ability to make sure the message is uniform across all your channels that connect with your customer.

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4. Self-Identifying Customers

When we define your message and the main mission you want to accomplish with your communications, we also research your customer. We want you to know them so well that when you say your message, the prospect will say something like, “Yes that’s exactly the problem I am trying to solve!”

Often, we as business owners or marketers do not take the extra step to talk to old customers, new prospects and do the research to understand what they want and need. Once we have a good idea what your target customer thinks about and needs, you’ll be able to have a good understanding of how your brand message links up to your customers’ pain points.

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About Clear Points Messaging LLC

Clear Points Messaging LLC serves small business in the Dallas, Texas area. Our goal is to upgrade the marketing you are already doing and using. We do this by making clear messages about your business so your audience will immediately understand what you offer them. We like to say we do marketing strategy and brand messaging. Our best work happens when we can help you discover what you customers’ true pain points are and clearly express how you solve them. Once we have a clear message to share, we help you implement it in the marketing you’re already doing.

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