Case Study from an AT&T Manager


We worked with an AT&T Manager who hit all of her key metrics for the year. However, management targeted her in a political fight. She came to me to ask if she could have a communication plan to battle the politics in the office.

The Challenge:

A group of senior leaders rated her negatively. They gave her the lowest rating possible, which often meant they could fire her later. We needed to develop a strong message and a way to deliver to change the perception and get her rating reversed.

The Solution:

We came up with a messaging plan. We coached her on how to deliver her message. We practiced her message and how she would say it, and we even prepared her for the responses that she would get from Human Resources and the leader of the business unit.

The Benefit:

Her performance review rating was reversed, which is extremely rare at corporations. She had the data to back up her claims, and she took the initiative to get the ball rolling. But if it weren’t for Clear Points’ message framework, she would not have been able to fight and win.