Clear Points Case Studies

Clear Points Teaches More Than 600 Data Scientists and Engineers at Facebook

Summary: Clear Points Messaging created curriculum based on our Simple Frameworks Workshops that transformed how data scientists and engineers at Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp communicate.

Data Science Team Clarity Leads to $250K Contract

Summary: A group of corporate executives at an admired communications company came to Clear Points Messaging for messaging help and marketing materials. They wanted to start their own company.

Clear Points Helps Healthcare Software Developer Focus on Key Projects & Messages

Summary: A software developer had many projects that he wanted to work on. He worked in the healthcare software and wanted a consultants help to narrow his focus.

Clear Points Reverses AT&T Manager’s Performance Review

Summary: An AT&T Manager who hit all of her key metrics for the year was being targeted in a political fight. She came to me to ask if she could have a communication plan to battle the politics in the office.

HingePoint Needs New Consistent Content Strategy

Summary: HingePoint came to Clear Points Messaging to create content that would turn into leads. HingePoint believed strongly in the Content is King marketing strategy.

Timothy O’Farrell Recovery Needs Brand Message Makeover 

Summary: Timothy O’Farrell Recovery needed a new brand message for their fundraising efforts. The came to Clear Points Messaging to clarify their message and create their unique value proposition.

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