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Effective Communications Workbook

Use the workbook to build a simple message that your audience will understand and trust.
Learn how to express your ideas simply and avoid common mistakes when communicating.

Tested Method to Communicate
Use a framework we taught to AT&T employees and the Facebook analytics team. Creating simple communication will be easy and influencing others will become effortless.

Speak in a Way that Creates Trust
Learn a simple way to express your ideas so others will listen. You will learn a framework that will give you confidence in how you express your ideas.

Be a Leader by Learning to Communicate Like One
It will position you as an authority and help you set the direction for your team and business.


Simple Frameworks Workbook

Use this workbook to build a simple Influence Plan.
It works best when working with internal teams at work.

Simple Plan to Influence
We use a simple communication framework that builds a clear message, teaches participants how to best deliver the message and gives you scientifically-proven tactics to persuade your audience.

Build Trust & Confidence
If people do not understand what you’re saying, then they are not going to take action. They will also naturally be inclined to distrust you. We teach you how to explain your projects in a simple way and how to use influence skills to build trust.