Case Study: Facebook Analytics


Clear Points Messaging created curriculum based on our Simple Frameworks Workshops that transformed how data scientists and engineers at Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp communicate. Working with the head of analytics and the department’s Learning and Development lead, we were able to consultant and uncover the best ways employees were already communicating.

The Challenge:

The Analytics head at Facebook wanted his data scientists and engineers to have more influence around products. He wanted to give them confidence and a framework that would help them communicate.

The Solution:

We created an Influence Workshop that taught data scientists and engineers the basics of sound communication and a simple message framework. We also taught basic principles of influence so they could better persuade their peers and business partners.

Ongoing Benefits:

Facebook now has an evergreen influence class that teaches participants three areas to focus on when delivering a message: basics of communication, messaging framework and persuasive environments.

Who Was Helped:

We helped teach 600 data scientists and engineers in six months, and they are still being trained to this day. This also helped the entire company build better products based on real data and expertise from their data scientists and engineers.