Graphic with four talking bubbles. One with a key and three with lines signifying messages. text on graphic states, key messages for business or personal growth.

Key Messages for Business or Personal Growth

Here’s the secret, rhetorical question about key messages for business or personal growth.

How can you possibly create good copy without a clear message… without knowing the most significant point about your topic… or the overarching point you want to get across to your audience?

And I’m not just talking about any message… I’m talking about the message. The one message. The message on why you or your business exists.

The one message on why your product should be bought, or why your idea should be considered by the forces at work.

Here’s a quick rundown of what this one-message philosophy is… and guidelines and questions to determine where you are with your key message.


What is a Key Message?

It’s the one point you’re constantly trying to get across to your audience. It’s concise and resonates with your audience. It influences and spurs your audience into action. It’s supported with facts.


This is simple to understand… but difficult to pull off.

You need one message that explains your topic, whether it’s about your business, what you’re speaking about… or who you are.

The One Message is an essential statement that is easy to understand.

You don’t have a key message if:

  • You’re not sure if you have a key message.
  • You have one but it takes a while to say.
  • You’re afraid to say it because you’re not sure if your audience understands. In other words… you’re not confident in your message. (Yes… you can actually be confident in your message! So confident… you’d rather be escorted out of a private equity firm’s office.)

After you share your main point… are you trying to explain what it means… or are others actually interested in it and want to find out more? If they’re interested… you could have a good message on your hands.

After sharing your message what do people say or how do they react?

a) “Wow that’s awesome!”

b) “Holy Cow!!!! I NEED THAT!!!! I NEED THAT!!!!”

c) They suddenly fall into a deep sleep… but they look like they’re awake (Basically… they blacked out because their brains could not handle the conversation. The monotony. The Jargon. The strange words stringed together like: “Patient Management Relation System.” OMG!!)


Our Clear Points Worksheet is designed to get you the most significant point that your audience needs to hear… then we structure an entire argument around this one message.

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