One to One Presentation Skills & Business Presentation Coaching

Do you need a one to one presentation skills coach? Do you have a business​ presentation due soon? You don’t have time, or you don’t have a clue what points you need to get across to your audience to best influence them?

A Clear Points business presentation coach can help you. 

We will quickly brainstorm together and get you clear points and a brief outline to get you started on a presentation, an important email or speech.

The goal of the Quick Message session is to transform your jumbled thoughts into useful, influential and concise points.

By the end of session you’ll have key messages you need to prepare and deliver your speech, communication plan or pitch.

Customers use the Quick Message Plan when they are in a bind and need points to share quickly, or to prepare for an upcoming speech, announcement or presentation.

4 Simple Steps to Business Presentation Coaching

We will build the first draft of your presentation in our first sessions!


1. We brainstorm together on why your topic and recommendation to your audience is unique and beneficial. We simply pull your expertise out and clarify in a way that makes sense to the common person.

2. We build your message. Once we have created a rough outline of your message, we go through an editing process and make sure it’s in your words and you agree to all the points.

3. We create a first draft of your presentation during our first session!

4. Determine next steps, whether it is more research or if design is needed for the presentation.

Jimmy Marlin Epperson

Your one to one presentation skills coach

Jimmy Marlin hangs out where messaging, influence and strategic communications meet in order to create change. He likes to spend that time with managers and technical experts who need help explaining their insights, research or suggestion to less data fluent audiences.

He approaches influencing others and sharing ideas in a specific way. He doesn’t believe in being overly political, groveling in front of other people or brown-nosing to get ideas accepted by others.

One to One Presentation Skills Coach Testimonial

Business Presentation Coaching Case Studies

Clear Points Reverses AT&T Manager’s Performance Review

Summary: An AT&T Manager who hit all of her key metrics for the year was being targeted in a political fight. She came to me to ask if she could have a communication plan to battle the politics in the office.

Data Science Team Clarity Leads to $250K Contract

Summary: A group of corporate executives at an admired communications company came to Clear Points Messaging for messaging help and marketing materials. They wanted to start their own company.

Clear Points Helps Healthcare Software Developer Focus on Key Projects & Messages

Summary: A software developer had many projects that he wanted to work on. He worked in the healthcare software and wanted a consultants help to narrow his focus.

Getting Started

Get the Communication Training You Need to Advance Your Career And Grow Your Skills

If you need help, let’s schedule an initial call to understand your deadlines and the scope of your presentation. 

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