Stage Fright? Improve Stage Presence in Public Speaking

A microphone in front of a blurry crowd, how stage presence is needed for public speeches
Why stage presence in public speaking so important? It might be because 25% of people are terrified of public speaking. Also known as glossophobia, public speaking fears can be detrimental to one's professional and personal life. Even minor public speaking fears affect most of the population, with 75% of people being at least slightly nervous at the thought of speaking to ... Read more

Framing Communication: Definition and Examples of Audience Framing

How to use audience framing as a communication skill
How you express the messages you tell your audience is a critical component of framing communication. This expression in your communication is audience framing. Artists use framing most often. For example, photographers and visual artists use framing so viewers will focus on the subject in their photo. Framing highlights what the artist wants the viewer ... Read more

Be Influential by Developing Key Messages

developing key messages
Developing Key Messages is Critical For Business Developing key messages keeps you confident Key messages naturally make you more influential Professionals use key messages to shape public opinion and to reduce confusion   When I interned at the Oklahoma State Capitol during college I learned a lesson on developing key messages for the rest of ... Read more