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Once Upon a Time: The Importance of Storytelling in Business


Storytelling in business

I wish I knew how to make a clear message in college. When I was a student, I started the College Democrats. I invited every young moderate in Oklahoma to a lobbyist’s house for a political party. College kids from across the state showed up. Hundreds actually. A US Senator was there. Gubernatorial candidates. Big-time … Read more

7 Reasons Why Communication is Difficult

why is communication so difficult?
The bottom line is that effective communication is difficult. It just is, even for naturally good communicators. If you look at the challenges modern humans face compared to our hominid ancestors, it’s just complicated. Plain and simple. Here’s why: The subjects modern humans talk about are extraordinarily complicated and unnatural. We respond to things that … Read more

What is Effective Communication in the Workplace?

Effective Communication 
Using effective communication in a business environment is one of the best ways to motivate and engage employees. A common myth about effective communication is that it makes people do things they do not agree with or want to do. Communicating and influence are not about deceiving someone against their will. Communicating effectively builds trust. … Read more