Simple Call to Action Statements Create Momentum

This is my motto: If you’re not influencing then you’re not communicating.

Want to know the fundamental element that ignites this influence in others?

It’s extremely simple.

You just have to ask. Let me explain.

It’s the call to action. You need a specific recommendation your audience can follow.

Specifically, you need to ask: What do you want your audience to do?

You need to discover why your audience will benefit from your recommendation.

What is an audience benefit? An audience benefit is something that promotes or enhances wellbeing. It’s something that gives someone an advantage.

A Small Example of a Call to Action at Work

A client needed to write a three-minute speech that introduced a speaker at a Meetup.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal. But this Meetup was special. My client was hosting the first Meetup at this company. But my client didn’t think he needed a call to action for such a small speech.

“You’re missing a huge opportunity to influence a group of people who can help you,” I said.

Here’s the action we came up with.

This was the first Meetup at the customer’s company. It’s a fairly large company. The employees had been asking for it for a while.

He needed to show upper management that the Meetups were worth the effort. He told the audience if they want more Meetups… they need to fill out a survey and rate the program positively.

That was it. And it seems so small. But his original plan was to just wing the speech with no thought.

But guess what?

Because he communicated a call to action, he had one of the highest participation rates and highest scores of any of the company’s surveys.

All because he asked for it.

Kind of crazy, right? It seems so simple, but often we forget to ask for the smallest things. Often the smallest things lead to the biggest things.

He was able to use that as momentum and create one of the best training environments in his company.

I wish I could take credit for this… but I was just applying basic communication principles to his speech. And it worked.

And now you can apply it t0o.

So here it is in summary:

    • Audience action is the foundation for influence
    • The answer to the audience action question sets the foundation for your message.
  • Finally, no speech or communication is too small or insignificant to have a call to action.

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