Clear Communication Influences Persuasion Tactics

Clear Communication Influences Persuasion Tactics
Influence and persuasion tactics are the closest ethical voodoo we have to a Star Wars Jedi Knight. Remember Obe Won Konbi's ability to persuade storm troopers to do whatever he asked? Robert Cialdini has this gift and is the modern Godfather on principles of persuasion. Even though principles like reciprocity have been studied for hundreds ... Read more

How Can You Develop Thought Leadership?

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Thought leadership -- a term marketers use to position people inside their companies as experts to influence a specific audience -- has been picking up momentum. According to a 2019 study by LinkedIn and Edelman, thought leadership is more powerful than people think. Some CEOs have even started to vet companies and determine if they ... Read more

Framing Communication: Definition and Examples of Audience Framing

How to use audience framing as a communication skill

How you express the messages you tell your audience is a critical component of framing communication. This expression in your communication is audience framing. Artists use framing most often. For example, photographers and visual artists use framing so viewers will focus on the subject in their photo. Framing highlights what the artist wants the viewer … Read more

How to Talk to an Audience When Public Speaking

3 Tips on How to Talk to an Audience If you have ever seen someone who doesn't know how to talk to an audience, then you know how important this skill is for success in public speaking. Here's the scenario. You’re listening to a speaker who is on a roll. He or she hooked and ... Read more

Be Influential by Developing Key Messages

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Developing Key Messages is Critical For Business Developing key messages keeps you confident Key messages naturally make you more influential Professionals use key messages to shape public opinion and to reduce confusion   When I interned at the Oklahoma State Capitol during college I learned a lesson on developing key messages for the rest of ... Read more

7 Steps to Build Key Messages for your Brand or Business

When you make a set of key messages on a specific topic, they should guide everything you communicate. When trying to persuade someone, or simply communicate your opinion, you only need one point to get across to your audience.   Here are the steps listed out and each one is explained below: Section I: The ... Read more

The Purpose of Communication: Be Useful

The Purpose of Communication The purpose of communication is to be useful by sharing important information that can help someone else. Communication is a vehicle that carries key information needed so we can make better decisions and understand how to personally or professionally become better and what dangers exist in our environment. I’ve been a ... Read more

4 Reasons Why a Brand Message is Critical to Your Business

What's the Big Deal About a Brand Message? A brand message can influence everything from the person answering the phone to your Google Ads. A brand message – which is similar to a mission statement – will also direct you when you don't know what to do, it will keep everyone on the same page, ... Read more

Simple Call to Action Statements Create Momentum

This is my motto: If you're not influencing then you're not communicating. Want to know the fundamental element that ignites this influence in others? It's extremely simple. You just have to ask. Let me explain. It's the call to action. You need a specific recommendation your audience can follow. Specifically, you need to ask: What ... Read more

What is Effective Communication in the Workplace?

Using effective communication in a business environment is one of the best ways to motivate and engage employees. A common myth about effective communication is that it makes people do things they do not agree with or want to do. Communicating and influence are not about deceiving someone against their will. Communicating effectively builds trust. … Read more